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Regulatory Consulting

Optimize revenues and overcome entry hurdles with scalable regulatory resources from TMI.

  • FCC / PUC Certification and Registration
  • Intercarrier ICA and Access Negotiations
  • 214 Licensing & Certification
  • Compliance Audits
  • Best Practices

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Compliance Reporting

Improve corporate value by optimizing compliance overhead, minimizing regulatory fees and taxes, and reducing noncompliance risks.

  • State and Federal Annual Reports
  • Secretary of State Reporting
  • Broadband Reporting and Mapping Services

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Information Resources

Control research costs and legal expenses by relying on TMI’s popular databases and publications.

  • Regulatory News & Briefings
  • State & Federal Rules/Orders
  • Regulatory Fees & Funds
  • Analysis of Lowest Price Cap ILEC's

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ambit energyI've had the pleasure of working with Tom Forte and the staff at TMI for many years, both at Matrix Telecom and now at Ambit Energy. I highly recommend them for their expertise, dedication to a quality work-product, and especially for the CRS system they've developed. Their online compliance reporting tool is without question the greatest timesaver I've ever worked with.

Laurie Rodriguez
Chief Financial Officer
Ambit Energy

TMI has been involved in all facets of the telecom regulatory business since the late 1980's. They have excellent experience in state certifications, compliance, tariff analyses and tariff maintenance. Even better yet, they offer what I believe is the best value for regulatory dollar spent. Lawyers get involved only when lawyers are needed for the state/local filing requirements. I've worked with Connie Wightman (founder & CEO) since the early 1990's. Tom Forte was my right hand contact in managing the tariff consolidation and compliance issues with the various M&A activities.

Chuck Taylor
Executive Consultant

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