regulatory consulting

Regulatory Consulting

Optimize revenues and overcome entry hurdles with scalable regulatory resources from TMI.

  • Regulatory planning and analysis
  • FCC / PUC certification and registration
  • Tariff / Price List preparation, maintenance & posting
  • Intercarrier ICA and access negotiations
  • Best practices
  • Carrier Industry Registrations
  • 214 Licensing
  • Compliance audits
  • Regulatory training
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compliance reporting

Compliance Reporting

Improve corporate value by optimizing compliance overhead, minimizing regulatory fees and taxes, and reducing noncompliance risks.

  • 499 and 477 Reporting
  • State and Federal USF
  • Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS)
  • Annual Reports
  • Corporate Registrations
  • Secretary of State Reporting
  • E911 Reporting
  • Broadband Reporting
  • Mapping Services
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information resources

Information Resources

Control research costs and legal expenses by relying on TMI’s popular databases and publications.

  • Access Rates and Caps
  • Action Items
  • Local Pricing
  • Regulatory News
  • Mapping
  • Compliance Requirements
  • VoIP(Digital Phone)Requirements
  • State and Federal Rules and Orders
  • Regulations and Orders
  • Regulatory Fees
  • Customer Notice
  • Quality of Service Requirements
  • Billing and Customer Service Rules

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Telecom Regulatory Compliance

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Thursday, Apr 24, 2014 Amy Gross
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Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014
The next step for implementation of access reform will be to reduce terminating end office switched access rates in the preordained downward glide-path to the rate of $0.0007 per minute. In this step, the ILECs will calculate their composite terminating end office rate,...Read More
Monday, Mar 10, 2014
AT&T,, Inc. and Vonage Holdings, Corp. each submitted comments last week in response to the FCC Wireline Competition Bureau's (WCB) January 31 report regarding the results of the VoIP numbering trials. (See TMI previous Blog Postings Update on...Read More
Wednesday, Mar 5, 2014
As discussed in our blog dated 3/4/14 “ AT&T Proposes TDM-to-IP Transition Trial ,” AT&T has filed a proposal for a TDM to all-IP wire center trial in its Carbon Hill, AL, and Kings Point, FL, wire centers. Among other things, the proposal discusses in detail...Read More
Tuesday, Mar 4, 2014
AT&T has filed a proposal for a TDM to all-IP wire center trial. Comments on the proposal are due March 31, 2014; reply comments are due April 10, 2014.  The proposal, which contains a Wire Center Trial Operating Plan (Plan) identifies the geographic areas...Read More