regulatory consulting

Regulatory Consulting

Optimize revenues and overcome entry hurdles with scalable regulatory resources from TMI.

  • Regulatory Planning, Analysis, and Training
  • FCC / PUC Certification and Registration
  • Tariff / Price List Preparation, Maintenance & Posting
  • Intercarrier ICA and Access Negotiations
  • Best Practices
  • Carrier Industry Registrations
  • 214 Licensing
  • Compliance Audits
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compliance reporting

Compliance Reporting

Improve corporate value by optimizing compliance overhead, minimizing regulatory fees and taxes, and reducing noncompliance risks.

  • 499 and 477 Reporting
  • State and Federal USF
  • Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS)
  • Annual Reports
  • Corporate Registrations
  • Secretary of State Reporting
  • E911 Reporting
  • Broadband Reporting and Mapping Services
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information resources

Information Resources

Control research costs and legal expenses by relying on TMI’s popular databases and publications.

  • Access Rates/Caps
  • LEC Rates Database
  • Regulatory News
  • VoIP (Digital Phone) Requirements
  • State & Federal Rules/Orders
  • Regulatory Fees & Funds
  • Quality of Service Requirements
  • Billing & Customer Service Rules

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Telecom Regulatory Compliance

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TMI Timely Tips

8/25/14 - If your company is contemplating making the switch from safe harbor to traffic study in 2015 for Form 499 reporting you will want to start your discussion and implementation now, as you will need to report the projected 1st quarter 2015 (using the new methodology) on the 499Q due November 1st.

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We’re in the midst of reviewing all of the ILEC “Step 3” filings so our CLEC clients will know what their new terminating end office switched access rates must look like (or be based on in the case of composite access rates) effective July 31, 2014. CLECs missed out...Read More