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ICC Reform "Step 6" Rate Reductions Summary We have researched, collected, and summarized key ILEC terminating transport and end office rate elements for you! FCC ICC/USF Reform "Step 6" requirements are effective July 1, 2017.

Customer Relations Rules - Deposit & Advanced Payments Report - a nationwide snapshot of when deposits may be collected from end-user, including the amount, form of payment, and more.

TMI Briefings (click on the blue headline that interests you):

FCC Briefings:

Court Rules That FCC Can't Cap Intrastate ICS Rates - 6/14/17

FCC Waive Annual Audit Requirement for Payphone Compensation Call Tracking System; Seeks Comment on Permanent Elimination of Requirement - 6/27/17

FCC Announces Effective Dates for Revised Outage Reporting Rules - 6/26/17

FCC Announces Third Quarter 2017 Universal Service Contribution Factor - 6/14/17



State Briefings:

Arizona Increases Universal Service Fund Rates - 6/21/17

California Access Filings Due - 6/15/17

California Approves Area Code Overlay in 805 NPA Region - 6/14/17

Colordo Moves Funds to Support Broadband - 6/23/17

Colorado Amends Rules; Allows Voluntary CPCNs or LORs - 6/15/17

Illinois Adjusts USF Surcharge - 6/23/17

Iowa Revises 911 Statutes - 6/14/17

Louisiana Revises TRS Fund; Requires Wireless Providers to Contribute - 6/22/17 

Michigan Access Tariff Revisions Due - 6/13/17

Montana Seeks comment on Setting Operator Service and Inmate Calling Service Rates - 6/19/17

West Virginia Increases Wireless E911 Fee - 6/26/17 

Wyoming Increases USF Assessment - 6/26/17


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