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FCC Briefings:

FCC Sets Date and Procedures for Opening of the 833 Toll Free Code - 4/26/17

FCC Seeks Comment on Petition for Stay of ICC Reform Transition for Tandem Switching and Transport Charges - 4/25/17

FCC Adopts Rules to Combat Use of Contraband Wireless Devices in Correctional Facilities; Seeks Further Comment - 4/18/17

FCC Clarifies Application of Ten Percent Rule to Mixed Use Special Access (Private) Lines - 4/12/17

State Briefings:

Arizona Revises USF Rules; Requires Filing with Administrator - 4/5/17

California Seeks Further Delay in Lifline Program Modifications - 4/26/17

Connecticut Considers Procedures For Construction In Public ROW By Small Cell Antenna Applicants; Seeks Comment - 4/6/17

Idaho Suspends ITSAP Surcharge But Reporting Still Required - 4/5/17

Illinois Sets ITAC Line Charge Rates - 4/24/17

Kansas Establishes Filing Requirements for 2017 Tariff Revisions Implementing ICC/USF Reform - 4/13/17

Kentucky Stays Order Adopting Changes to State Lifeline Support; Will Consider Impat of New Legislation - 4/25/17

Louisiana Requires Filing of Emergency Service Plans - 4/16/17

Michigan Revises Public Utility Assessment Formula - 4/28/17

Mississippi to Revise Inmate Service Provider Rules - 4/14/17

Missouri Revises Confidentiality Rules - 4/19/17

New Mexico to Hold Workshops on Rules to Implement New Authority to use SRUSF Funds to Support Broadband - 4/25/17

New Mexico Requires VoIP Providers to Collect TRS Surcharge; Creates New Prepaid Wireless TRS Surcharge - 4/21/17

New Mexico Issues Waiver of Lifeline Eligibility Rules for Federal Lifeline Benefits Only - 4/14/17

New York Makes Printed Telephone Books Optional for Frontier Telephone Customers - 4/21/17

South Carolina Adjusts USF Contribution Factors - 4/10/17

Utah to Require VoIP Providers to Contribute to State USF; Seeks Comment on Resulting Changes to Contribution Mechanism - 4/11/17



TMI Spring 2017 Communications Regulatory and Reporting Requirements Seminar & Workshop 5/9/17 and 5/10/17 in Maitland, FL

Spring 2017 Seminar & Workshop Agenda


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