Switched Access Study

A valuable tool for CLECs or IXCs planning to purchase switched access.

Access is a major cost component for most carriers and a revenue opportunity for facilities based CLECS. This study is a comprehensive review of interstate and intrastate switched access rate elements. Essential information in determining what your company will pay or can bill for switched access.

TMI’s Switched Access Study will help you to:

  • Establish retail rates with a complete understanding of underlying costs 
  • Audit switched access bill detail
  • Evaluate ILEC information when establishing your own switched access offering
  • Remain in compliance with FCC and state-imposed rate caps


The Study is a comprehensive review of interstate and intrastate switched access rate elements, provided as a series of worksheets.

Less expensive, more accurate and more feature-rich than alternative access rate sources.

Interactive sections of this workbook enable users to input individual information to determine what your company will pay for switched access.

TMI monitors all access tariff filings for the major ILECs, nationwide. Worksheets are updated as rates change, ensuring that you are kept apprised of the changes which impact your network cost.


web-page-graphi_21505454_60582d681e641cbd5285922ad5881df9168d0a3a.pngTMI's Switched Access Rates are now available in our Rates Database! See a brief demo of via the image below.

switched access rates database demo 


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