Competitive Telecom Market Watch Monthly Newsletter

Our newsletter summarizes rate changes filed by major LECs and IXCs nationwide. Subscribers can easily track tariff price and product changes and WinBack initiatives.

Don’t get caught off guard by competitive initiatives. Add this monthly newsletter to your rate specific intelligence to provide valuable competitive information as you prepare for marketing strategy adjustments. Review the latest products and tariffed rates changes in one location to help you determine what may direct your marketing plans. Avoid the inconvenience and expense of reviewing tariff filings nationwide.

The Competitive Telecom Market Watch summarizes rate changes filed by the major LECs and IXCs nationwide, including detariffed interstate, and international rate plans for residence and business customers.

This newsletter is recommended for Providers of competitive telecom services, agents, and master agents or individuals who closely monitor the competition.

Sections include: 

  • LEC Watch
  • IXC Watch
  • Access Rate Watch
  • Package Watch
  • Plan Watch
  • Winback Offerings

The WinBack section assists you in tracking residential and business WinBack offerings easily, and is organized by LEC region. This section includes details of the type of offer – free service trials, products, credits, waivers, and reimbursements or other incentives.

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