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Interconnected VoIP Providers

What does an interconnected VoIP Provider have to do to get numbers?

These requirements apply to all interconnected VoIP Providers:

  • You must complete registration in a number of states (currently estimated as 11)
  • Prepare and file initial and ongoing federal and state compliance reports such as:
    • CPNI
    • CALEA
    • FCC Form 477
    • FCC Form 499 A & Q

We help you navigate the process to obtain your own numbers - from the planning phase to the successful implementation of your service, including:

  • Prepare and file FCC applications
  • Obtain required codes (OCN, ACNA, and others)
  • File notices of intent with state agencies
  • Initial NPAC registration
  • Manage NANPA/PAS requirements (registrations, forecasts, ongoing number management)
  • Negotiate ICAs
  • Identify and assist with carrier partner contracts
  • Facilitate contract with vendors such as - AOCN, LNP, 911, CABS, and more.
  • We project manage the transition of existing codes to new OCN

 See more about our compliance reporting services.

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