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As a telecom service provider, your company must be aware of and file potentially 400+regulatory reports and related fees for Federal and State agencies each year. How can a successful company manage that process and stay focused on business strategy?
You cannot build and staff a better system for reporting for less than the cost of TMI’s Compliance Reporting Service.

Regulatory obligations continue well after initial certification. A typical nationwide provider must file hundreds of reports with regulatory agencies each year. Mandatory reporting requirements and applicable fees change frequently. Such challenges make it difficult for companies to remain in compliance. Missing reports and deadlines can erode your revenue through late fees, interest, and in severe cases, loss of certification within a state.

TMI, a leading provider of out-source compliance reporting service in the U.S., is unequaled in preparing, filing, and tracking these reports on behalf of our clients at a cost that is far less than a single internal staff person.

  • Manage your reporting obligations through TMI’s advanced, secure, online Compliance Reporting Service
  • TMI’s service is pro-active and provides your company with everything necessary to avoid late filings and related penalties, including filing the reports for you
  • TMI is positioned to help you organize and track your compliance obligations. You will be assisted through each step with an experienced TMI compliance specialist assigned to your company
  • Proprietary custom database and software to calendar generate and track reports automatically
  • Knowledgeable staff whose sole responsibility is understanding and completing compliance reports for a large number of carriers
  • Timely and thorough turnkey service that is carefully tracked electronically and professionally managed, with high standards for record retention and accountability
  • Flexibility to work with a wide variety of tax vendors to tailor the service

Our clients provide information monthly that is used to populate reports automatically. The reports are then reviewed and posted to a secure website for client review and approval, or the inclusion of any additional information that is not routinely gathered. TMI files all reports and tracks their receipt by the various agencies, answering questions as needed.

TMI's Compliance Reporting Service offers advantages over other outsource vendors and in-house alternatives.

Our services are Affordable

  • Annual flat rate pricing
  • Based on number of jurisdictions and authorities
  • Tailored to your company’s reporting needs

In addition, TMI Compliance Reporting Service clients have access to valuable planning and budgeting tools for predicting future expenditures and managing the compliance reporting process.

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