OSP Regulatory and Rate Summary

Find answers to market entry, rates, rate cap, routing, and related regulatory questions for Operator Service Providers.

Which states impose Operator Service Provider (OSP) rate caps? What are the caps? Which states allow location surcharges?

TMI’s solution is the OSP Regulatory and Rate Summary. The Summary provides quick regulatory reference information for all 50 states and the FCC. It includes the per-minute rates and service charges for AT&T/Bell - plus related commission imposed benchmarks. In addition, the OSP Regulatory and Rate Summary includes Directory Assistance rates with call requirements.

The Summary offers hyperlinks throughout the document to aid you in locating information. Sorting capabilities on the summary page allow you to quickly retrieve at-a-glance information for a particular RBOC region, state, or other criteria.

Stay in compliance without missing an opportunity to increase revenues.

TMI’s OSP Regulatory and Rate Summary includes information about whether any rate caps apply to presubscribed operator services or 1-800 call operator type of services.

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