Preferred Carrier Change Requirements

Slamming – a spotlight issue for regulators and consumers. Now you can easily access current and pending state and federal carrier change rules and slamming complaint administration requirements.

Avoid complaints and penalties. Preventing unauthorized carrier changes requires an understanding of rules, processes, and penalties in place at the FCC and in each state.

Fines and loss of certification are the risk of non-compliance. This unique publication assists with the important marketing and operational issues facing your business today.

Organized by state, TMI’s Preferred Carrier Change Requirements features concise summaries of applicable administrative rules and commission regulations.

This publication is essential for carriers and their marketing agents if they want to reduce the chance of regulatory fines and avoid legitimate consumer complaints.

Understand the following for each state:

  • LOA, Third Party, and other verification requirements
  • Penalties for non-compliance
  • Preferred carrier freeze requirements
  • Slamming complaint reporting requirements
  • Customer and carrier refunds
  • Pending proceedings

Also included as a bonus:

Complaint Administration – States have the option of administering both state and federal slamming complaints. Carriers receiving customer inquiries are required to refer the consumer to the appropriate agency – state or FCC. Easily identify which state handle federal slamming complaints and which do not. Learn when and how to respond to state and federal complaints.


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    Download a Sample of the Preferred Carrier Change Requirements    

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